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I was friends with Zachary’s family for quite a while before I even met him, which was over three years ago. Now, ironically, out of his family, I see him the most. When compared with others on my team, I have known Zachary for the least amount of time, yet he is one of my closest friends. He can keep up with my odd level of sarcasm and wit and takes my satiric humor in stride.

From the moment I met Zachary, he volunteered to assist me, going above and beyond in every way possible, and his level of dedication has yet to cease. He always gives me his honest opinion, analyzes things with a critical and discerning mind, and brings a great deal of drive and ambition to the team. I am fortunate to have him on my team and as a friend.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zachary

1. I have an obsession with treasure.

2. I’m a dog AND a cat person.

3. I love Calvin and Hobbes.

4. The History Channel is the best channel.

5. When I wear clothes it’s as if I’m doing doing them a favor.

6. I have no fears.

7. Is my favorite number.

8. I’m a Leo which has a big affect on my personality.

9. I’m a natural born leader.

10. I’m an old soul and a world traveler.

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