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Surekha and I were probably destined to be friends: introverts, opinionated, and extremely sarcastic. I met her when I returned to college for design. She was an interior design student and I was a fashion student. Let it be known, interior and design students rarely become friends. But, when she realized we shared a love for snark, she invited me to a Halloween party and we’ve been friends ever since. Most people who meet us think we are sisters. We’ve speculated as to why and some even tell us why, but I’m guessing it’s because we look a like…

She willingly goes along with all my crazy plans, but like most of my friends, I’m sure she’s praying for the day I stop coming up with new ideas and projects and asking for her help. That being said, she is always up for anything I throw her way. She has taught me so much about design and constantly stretches my idea of style in new and interesting ways. I am lucky to have her as a friend and as part of my team.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Surekha

1. I am the oldest of five children. My mother is from Southern India and my father is from West Michigan. We grew up in a nomadic missionary setting, so until my last two years of high school, I switched schools every year… If you don’t count those failed attempts at homeschooling me.

2. I love to write and always have. I authored my first ballad at the age of eight. It was about a mermaid with an affinity for French Fries. Was the character based on me? I’ll never tell…

3. My sister and I used to have a pet lamb named “Caramel”. It was a clever, playful creature that learned how to play tag and hide-n-seek, and it even took naps with us. Unfortunately, he sprouted horns one day and head butted my mother over a parapet wall and into a neighbor’s rice patty. Bye bye, Caramel.

4. My favorite place in the whole world was a tiny, old cemetery in the small Indian mountain town where I attended boarding school. I used to sit on an old fallen tree trunk and journal away my cares… There was a reverent stillness about that tiny, wooded stretch of hillside that I still dream about whenever life gets too hectic.

5. I’ve always loved clothes. I used to get disciplined as a child because I would, without fail, change out of whatever my parents dressed me in and don something of my own choosing. At the age of five, I greeted a slew of my grandfather’s friends and colleagues dressed head to toe in my mother’s satiny slips. Three, to be exact. My creations were “unique”, at the very least.

6. I learned to cook when I was seven. My parents wouldn’t allow me to use the stove, so I built one out of bricks under a coconut tree in my grandmother’s back yard. It was kindled with straw. Critics declared the rustic curry “edible”.

7. When we lived in the Philippines, I left a chocolate shake on the counter one morning before church. When I came back to get it 3 hours later, it still tasted good… Until a tiny claw hooked onto my lip. I thrust the glass away to discover the scaly, writhing body of a gecko pushed up against the side, suffocating in the creamy concoction.

8. As a teenager living in India, I refused to go anywhere with my father after a stranger made a remark about how old my “husband” was, and then continued on to call me a gold digger. I was fourteen and thoroughly mortified!

9. Whenever I’m mad at someone, I compose a short story starring them as a vile cretin to make myself feel better. Names changed, of course.

10. I am a sucker for a good IPA. The surest way to win my affection is to offer me an extra bitter, extra citrus-infused, extra dark IPA, preferably one from Michigan.

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