The Collegiate Fall 2014
“Although she wasn’t born into royalty, Jessica Swagman has proven she is more than capable of earning her crown…”

Rapid Growth Media November 6, 2014
“Swagman is one of several designers that is part of a small but emerging fashion scene…”

MLive April 17, 2014
“Jessica Swagman watches as her models practice walking before she launches her spring collection with a runway show at Lucid Group’s showroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan…”

Rapid Growth Media April 17, 2014
“The design aesthetic is a modern take on vintage with a little edge to it,” Swagman says. “I’ve used vintage colors, but keeping it more modern, muted colors…”

The Collegiate December 6, 2011
“Swagman said it was a great learning experience to work with one of the museum’s curators…”

MLive May 17, 2010
“it was as though Rosa Parks Circle was transported to a major fashion hub and Runway on Monroe was the most anticipated show of the season…”

MLive May 16, 2010
“An estimated 2,000 crowded Rosa Parks Circle Saturday evening to watch the inaugural Runway on Monroe fashion show…”

MLive May 13, 2010
“A panel of judges narrowed the pool of 55 entrants to the top 20 after entrants showcased two original designs..”

MLive May 13, 2010
“Three months in the making, Runway on Monroe is a fashion event unlike anything Michigan has seen before, complete with Grand Rapids’s first outdoor runway production…”

MLive April 8, 2010
“A combination of Project Runway and American Idol, ROM will give the Top 20 designers in West Michigan an opportunity to showcase a four-piece collection…”

MLive April 6, 2010
“Runway on Monroe narrows it down to the top twenty…”

MLive April 6, 2010
“The fashion industry is something that isn’t thought a lot of about in Grand Rapids,” said Schutter. “It’s here. I just don’t think the public realizes it.”

MLive April 5, 2010
“Runway on Monroe is a contest to launch the careers of 20 aspiring fashion designers from Michigan…”

MLive January 27, 2010
“A cross between Project Runway and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Runway on Monroe will put some “pep” in the fashion step of Grand Rapids…”