The Spring 2015 Collection

The Collection:

With the slight warming of days, the faint songs of birds in the air, and the fading sun holding on slightly longer at dusk, the promise of spring, new beginnings and new wonders, are almost within reach.

As our love for wanderlust grows, and the possibility of new discoveries beckons to us, I reminisce about my past journeys to places near and far.

Some of my most treasured travel memories involve climbing stairs. Slipping over the crumbling rocky stairs of the Mayan ruins in the misty rain… the famous white and beige stone double helix staircases of the Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley.

Scaling the cold, steel grated stairs of the Eiffel Tower at dusk one spring evening… the perfectly smooth and modern cement stairs at the humbling Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park… the winding, white washed, sun bleached stairs on the side of the picturesque volcanic Santorini.

Hiking along the ever-changing terrain of grassy rocks and stairs of the Cinque Terra on the Italian Riviera… the scrolling, geometric and mosaic stairs in the airiest of earth tones at Park Güell.

Stairs represent progress, moving toward your destination, changing your surroundings. They symbolize leaving the past and heading towards the future; a hard uphill climb but with the promise of a grand view at the top.

A delicate yet distinctive collection alludes to the nostalgia of adventures gone by and the anticipation of those that await.

Cool and captivating colors are combined with enticing and airy fabrics that are contoured into sleek geometric details to bring modern sophistication together with soft elegance.

Be prepared to welcome spring in with a dreamy and adventurous collection.


Spring 2015 Inspiration

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